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Noeen Malik, PhD

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder

Dr Malik is a Nuclear Medicine Scientist, Business Strategist and Science Illustrator.

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Michelle Collier, MD

Chief Scientific Officer (CSO)

Dr Collier is a clinical assistant professor of medicine in Ohio State University.

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Advisory Board

1-2019 Tom3 cropped.jpg

Thomas J Ruth, PhD, FRSC, FSRS

Director of Scientific Affairs

Dr Ruth is a fellow of royal society of Canada, and recipient of de Hevesy Nuclear Pioneer Award.

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Bin Shen, PhD

Director of Regulatory Affairs

Dr Shen is a nuclear medicine scientist and works as a director of CRF at Stanford MIPS in Radiology. 

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Edie Dullaghan, PhD

Director of Business Strategy

Dr Dullaghan is a leader with a highly empathetic style. She has made great strides in Canadian drug discovery and development.

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Fariba Pacheleh, BEng, PMP

Director of Partnerships

Fariba's experience spans over 25 years in industrial sector as a corporate leader within private/govt. organizations.

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Juanita A De-Souza-Huletey MA, PMP, ALEP 

Director of Operations

Juanita is an Executive Business Consultant and Enterprise Solutions professional.

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Khristine Cariño, DMD, PhD

Director of Community Outreach

Dr Khristine Cariño is a dentist but wears many hats in professional sphere.

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Former Board members

Reiner-2015_2 - 80x105 crop.jpg

Reiner Kruecken, PhD

Director of Business Strategy

Dr Kruecken is an internationally recognized expert in nuclear physics and applications of nuclear physics towards health and societal benefits.

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Supreet Kaur, PhD

Program Manager

Supreet is a Life Sciences scientist, consultant and staunch supporter of women in STEM field. 

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Aimen_Headshot 2 (with white border)_edited.jpg

Aimen Akbar, MSc (cont.)

Corporate Coordinator

Aimen is a biomedical professional with global experience from India, the US, Japan and Canada. Her Gallup strengths-finder themes are restorative, context, arranger,

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Mehvish Siddiqui, BDS, MSc

Partnerships Manager

Mehwish, an in ternationally trained professional, envisages contributing to research in the Canadian health care system, 

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Adina Ranjbar, BArch

Communications Manager

Adina is an architect, social welfare worker, and science enthusiast. She is passionate about public relations and civic activities.

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Talia Aziz Khan, MSc

SciPad Coordinator

Talia holds a professional experience as an educator, psychologist, administrative and communications manager

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Abara Erim, BSc

Social Media Coordinator

Abara is public health professional and possesses strong Strong leadership, negotiation and delegation skills

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Shubhangi Tak, MA

SciPad Coordinator

Shubhangi is a SAS certified professional, data analyst, data scientist and market analyst. 

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