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Tony Chung

CEO & Co-Founder

Instant NanoBiosensors Co., Ltd.

Through Noeen's exceptional service and guidance, we were able to successfully organize and expand our online lecture series. Her assistance was instrumental in connecting us with scientists from Stanford University, enabling us to initiate collaborative efforts. Additionally, leveraging her extensive network, Noeen skillfully linked relevant resources, facilitating a step-by-step approach to our goals.

I am truly grateful for Noeen's dedicated professionalism and thoughtful management. Her expertise has been pivotal in propelling our initiatives forward. Her commitment to excellence and her meticulous attention to detail have made a significant impact on our endeavors.

I wholeheartedly recommend Noeen for her exceptional ability to navigate complex collaborations, foster connections, and drive successful outcomes.

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Mentor - Radiopharmaceuticals

Noeen is an exceptional scientist with a remarkable breadth of expertise in radiochemistry, which she skillfully applies with precision in the manufacturing of clinical radiopharmaceuticals under cGMP standards. She possesses the ability to harness her extensive knowledge and experience to create innovative approaches for radiotracers development process meeting USP compliance. Her dedication to precision and quality is unparalleled, rendering her an invaluable asset to any institution to have her on board.

Moreover, her capabilities extend beyond her scientific acumen. She exhibits a remarkable aptitude for devising efficient management protocols that cultivate a work environment primed for success. Her adeptness in management and organizational skills is pivotal in streamlining processes and ensuring the seamless, timely execution of projects.


Juanita DeSouza-Huletey PMP

CEO, Dynamic Solutions International 

Member, Board of Governors, University of Manitoba

DSI Project

Working and Collaborating with Noeen on my Management Consulting Business (DSI) has proven to be an invaluable asset for my brand. As both a business consultant and digital illustrator, Noeen possesses a rare fusion of analytical prowess and boundless creative ingenuity, which has not merely improved but revolutionized our marketing and brand identity strategies.
Noeen's capacity to decode intricate business challenges and then seamlessly translate them into visually captivating solutions is nothing short of extraordinary. It's her strategic acumen that sets her apart. Her remarkable ability to pinpoint the core impediments to our business's growth and craft practical, actionable strategies to surmount them has been pivotal. Whether it's delving into market research or dissecting business analytics, her insights have not only informed but reshaped our business model.
In Noeen, I haven't merely found a consultant and illustrator, but a genuine partner deeply invested in our success. She hasn't just elevated our brand; she's equipped us with the knowledge and tools needed to thrive in an intensely competitive market.


Reiner Kruecken

Nuclear Science Division Director, Berkeley Lab

STEM Collaboration

I am writing this recommendation for Noeen to express my tremendous respect and admiration for her exceptional creativity, tenacity, passion, and commitment to the cause of promoting gender equality in STEM. I got to know Noeen in 2019 when she approached me with the idea for the She Leads STEM Career Workshop at TRIUMF and UBC, which I was happy to sponsor thorough our NSERC CREATE program Isotopes for Science and Medicine (IsoSiM) that I was leading at the time. She had a clear vision for the event and despite various obstacles, she was successful in organizing a wonderful event in February 2020, with a great slate of local and international speakers and many participants. After this initial introduction to Noeen, I was motivated to further support her endeavors and was fortunate to serve on the Board for Scientudio Inc. for a brief period. I have gotten to know Noeen as a very talented illustrator and savvy business consultant with a remarkable drive and commitment for a variety of philanthropic efforts. I wish Noeen the very best for her future career and other endeavors and wholeheartedly endorse her broad set of skills.


Charles Metzger

President of Metzger, Mabry & Associates, LLC

Corporate Partner Strategist for eSRS, 2021

Dr. Antony Gee introduced me to Noeen. He thought (and I agreed) that she could help us develop a plan for gaining corporate partner participation in eSRS 2021—a virtual meeting hosted by the Society of Radio-pharmaceutical Sciences. With Noeen’s help, we queried multiple corporate partners, selected a platform that they valued, and created an attractive prospectus. Noeen’s dedication to this effort and her novel perspectives have proven to be very helpful for the organization. I wish her all the best for her future ventures, and I highly recommend her if you would like to collaborate with her to raise capital for your company. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


William Remak, BPH, MS, MT, SGNA, AHCJ, EASL

Chairman, California Hepatitis C Task Force

Preceptor for Public Health Internships for Universities, USA

Marketing & Business Strategist, GIANT

Dr. Noeen Malik is highly praised for the splendid creativity involved with the branding of messaging for the worldwide public awareness campaign for the Global Immunization Action Network Team. Her coordinating of a superb team of talented communication and media specialists in design and marketing is inspiring to observe as she orchestrates infographics, animation so detailed that it enlightens and entertains while educating. She is a master at this trade to such a degree that it exceeds the imagination in a delightful way. Something to behold that is ahead of it's time.

2007 Betriebsausflug Radiopharmazie 035.JPG

Dr Bin Shen (Deceased)

Director. Cyclotron & Radiochemistry Facility (CRF),  Molecular Imaging Program Stanford (MIPS)

Business Strategist for Cyclotron Project, Stanford University

I approached noeen to prepare a market strategic report for theragnostic radioisotopes for our Nextgen Cyclotron project of the Radiology department in Stanford. Her business strategic skills, especially for radiopharmaceuticals, are of great help in structuring the early-phase of our project, including but not limited to market research, geographical demands, financial aspects, consumers' needs, and future scope. Her broad experience from bench to clinic to market is a valuable asset. The quality of her work convinced me to accept the invitation to be a part of Scientudio's advisory board. She would be the part of this project until it's completion. 

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TRIUMF Innovations

Commercialization Internship Program

Commercialization of Medical Isotopes

Dr. Noeen Malik has worked under my supervision as a “Commercialization Intern”. Noeen enthusiastically applied her radiopharmaceutical expertise, analytical  and project management skills, plus her network of professional associates to produce an exemplary presentation summarizing the market opportunity, trends, and production economics of certain medical radioisotopes of interest to TRIUMF Innovations. I wish her all the best in her future career endeavors. 


Ryan M. Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

Eyam Vaccines and Immunotherapeutics

I got to know Noeen through a mutual friend on LinkedIn. We approached her because of her unique ability to understand the science and create complex illustrations. Her first work for us allowed us to visually communicate a complex message and we reengaged her for other work after. I found her to be hard working, flexible, and responsive. I look forward continue working with her in future. 


Nikki Schultek

Principal and Founder

Intracell Research Group

Noeen created a beautiful image for me to bring to light a critically important scientific story. She is professional, thorough, and kind. My organization will work with her again to create more medical illustrations.

Scwist 10.jpg

Dr Maria Issa

Professor, Department of Pathology & Laboratory Medicine, UBC 

Treasurer & Director, Finance, SCWIST

Children Story Book Project

Dr. Noeen Malik, Dr. Viktoriia Krasiukova and I are collaborating on a children's book about coronaviruses. I write, Viktoriia does the histology images and Noeen brings our character to life. It fills me with wonder how someone else can imagine a little creature and draw it, so that I can see it as I imagined it in my mind. Giving the little guy an identity, personality and whimsy is Noeen's talent. If you can imagine it - she can make it real.


Dr Valery Radchenko

Research Scientist, TRIUMF 

Adjunct Professor, Department of Chemistry, UBC

Collaboration for Publication

Noeen was a great colleague at TRIUMF. She was always up to new ideas in science, always willing to help and to learn new things with very broad perspectives. I am very happy to see her evolving in this exciting direction of digital art, realizing the creativity and using her previous experience and knowledge in science at the same time. Noeen helped me with the image for my publication, it was just excellent and provided a perfect visual representation of the process we described. I will approach her again in future for science illustrations and will be excited to follow up on her progress!

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