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When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade ...........

This is precisely my approach in challenging situations, although it's not always easy, especially, when at first glance, the lemons appear to be bitter and very sour. But by directing one's focus towards a closer examination of each lemon more, there's a likelihood of discovering lemons with hidden opportunities. The next key element of this recipe is to add all ingredients (available resources) in the right proportion. This is the first step in forging a strategic plan by thinking outside the box and paving a new path, ultimately leading to the creation of fresh projects or directions. In the end, what initially seemed like undesirable lemons can actually open doors to uncharted territory. In the end, the undesirable will have created an opportunity to explore new territory. Not a bad thing, right 🐬?

Many of us prefer not to deal with lemons ONLY, but there are times when circumstances force us out of our comfort zones and into a cycle of transformation with ONLY lemons in hands. It's not a walk in the park; more akin to taking a spoonful of bitter medicine. Yet, this tonic is essential for breaking away from unhealthy attachments.
My first encounter with lemons was at the age of six, akin to taking my first solo step in a marathon. Back then, I believed, much like any race, there would be a finish line, and afterward, no more lemons to contend with. But with every passing year, I realized that it is a continuous process because lemons are an integral part of life - they surgically remove the infected sites. You could say lemons can be gut-wrenching. The irony is, when someone is grappling with lemons, others may unwittingly criticize them without realizing that, perhaps, lemons are the only choices available to that person at that time.

In 2019, I was undergoing a significant personal disruption, not knowing that in 2020, more struggles would emerge. Suddenly, my world turned topsy-turvy, with some friends becoming strangers and some strangers turning into friends—vilified by the trustworthy and glorified by unknown —much like experiencing spring and fall simultaneously. Time seemed to have turned me into a round peg trying to fit into a square hole, and so, I chose to deal with lemons. What's remarkable is that I learned invaluable lessons and encountered incredible people on this journey who continued to have faith in my strengths.

Scientudio is a projection of my core strength—creativity. Since childhood, I've had a penchant for painting, both still objects and cartoons. However, this passion lay dormant for years while I was engrossed in the demands of my PhD laboratory work. Recently, during the pandemic, lemons brought this passion back to life, and I decided to utilize my spare time productively. I reached out on LinkedIn, offering my assistance in science illustrations and —strategic business consultancy—a skill I had honed along the way. Some responded with requests related to both, allowing me to rekindle my passion for colors and illustrations while using my expertise and knowledge to design strategic plans. 

For digital scientific illustrations, I employ a freehand style and utilize simple Microsoft Paint for this purpose. You can view some of my work under science illustrations tab. As for strategic business consultancy, through Scientudio, I provide a platform for life sciences companies where clients have access to services such as strategic business reports, market assessment profiles, and documentation (RFPs, INDs).

Furthermore, I'm also offering a platform, Kids Lab on Endorse Hope, where children can avail the opportunity to get training to host science shows. If you're interested or have questions about my services, please feel free to contact me via the contact form or schedule a meeting. I'd be delighted to discuss things further.
Finally, a thought to leave you with- not every scar is worth carrying —some serve as medals of challenges to be worn proudly, while others are better left erased and forgotten.

Thank you for dedicating your time in delving into the genesis of Scientudio !! 😊

P.S. Scientudio came to life during the pandemic with the vision of creating a platform where young scientists, particularly immigrants in Canada, could gain invaluable Canadian job experience. This experience could serve as a steppingstone, enabling them to explore job opportunities that align with their skill sets and qualifications. From 2021 to 2022, Scientudio has proven to be a valuable resource for former team members like Dr. Supreet Kaur, Talia Aziz, Aimen Akbar, Dr. Mehvish Siddiqui, and Shubhangi Tak from Canada, as well as Abara Erim from Nigeria, and Adina Ranjbar from Afghanistan.

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