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Scientudio offers so much more value than the competition while maintaining lower than market rate pricing, in terms of science illustrations (Freehand Style), RFPs consultancy, services for IND application submission process (eCTD), and digital commercialization (Market assessment reports for medical products). In addition, a special package is designed to benefit students for science illustrations. The top priority is to maintain high quality work while focusing on timely delivery of first draft / version of assignment to the client.


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Scientudio highly values clients, partnerships and collaborations. In order to accommodate and address client's special requirements, a customized package can be outlined.


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Scientudio is NOT forgetting kids when it comes to science. Kids always have many questions and through this platform, kids can seek answers for FREE. 

Dr Nöen has designed special "Science Myths Playing Deck" for kids of all ages.

In addition, Scientudio is launching a channel, SciFi Kids, exclusively for kids, where kids can get a chance to host the science show and seek the scientific answers to the questions they always wonder about. 


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