Scientudio is "One-Stop" Land for Life Sciences/Pharma/Biotech. companies where  we offer so much more value than the competition while maintaining lower than market rate pricing.

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Scientific consultancy related to your innovation or idea by well-experienced as well as highly-skilled personnels in Life Sciences / Pharma / Biotech. fields. 


Strategize and Implement the Digital Globalization Tools to bring awareness among potential customers about your innovation to boost the business objectives


Is your innovation in final stages ? Looking for help to file INDs/CTAs ? Or need help for Win-Win RFP ? Our skilled and experienced team will walk youthrough each step according to your needs. 


Looking for partners (collaborators or investors) ? If yes, you are at Right Spot. Our extensive network will help leveraging the business goals with  potential partners.  

skills HUB

Under STEMeer, Scientudio also offers skills-development workshops for your employees or researchers. This program is also for STEAM students. 

Our Mission
Is To create a unique Global corridoor of business consultancy by offering the services at the lowest possible rates to the pharma/life sciences/biotech. companies by addressing their needs with ingenious, qualitative, scalable, and dynamic solutions.

Our Aim
Is To connect the REGIONAL DOTS in the global industrial  loop via world-wide networking.

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Scientudio highly values clients, partnerships and collaborations. In order to accommodate and address client's special requirements, a customized package can be outlined.


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Since Nov 2021 when Scientudio Inc. was founded, We have worked....

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Endorse Hope is the community development foundation which was formed under Scientudio's umbrella. Here, instead of relying only on lip-service, we believe in changing and shaping lives aiming at prosperity, economical growth and community building. The work we do is focused at providing a holistic approach to solving some of our society’s biggest challenges such as skills development, women healthcare, children welfare and clean water. We try our best within our capacity and capability to ensure that people within targeted communities are empowered by required skill-sets and awareness. Currently, we are working together with Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya and Afghanistan where we help in generating resources for creating opportunities to combat inflation and unemployment.


Scientudio is NOT forgetting kids when it comes to science. Kids always have many questions and through this platform, kids can seek answers for FREE. 

Dr Nöen has designed special "Science Myths Playing Deck" for kids of all ages.

In addition, Scientudio is launching a channel, SciFi Kids, exclusively for kids, where kids can get a chance to host the science show and seek the scientific answers to the questions they always wonder about. 


To get information about Endorse Hope programs, how to apply for SciFi Kids, and to get the preview of playing deck, please click the button below:


Philanthropy and Community Development

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