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Scientudio offers significantly lower rates for science illustrations (Scienvas) compared to the current market status while maintaining the work quality. In addition, Scientudio has designed one special package to benefit students. After receiving the client's request, the first draft of assignment for revision is delivered via email within the next 5-10 business days. Only one revision is FREE for all packages, thus, it is highly emphasized that clients review the first draft properly for changes in the final version of assignment. 


Medium: Water colors, pencil, marker and spray

Style: Freehand

Software: Microsoft Paint 

Illustrations: Any field — Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics etc.) or Commerce (Business, Finance etc.) or Arts (Media, Literature etc.).  


  • Science image is defined as any scientific figure or diagram.

  • For all packages, Scientudio will send a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) form to the client or the client may send one to Scientudio to review.

  • In student, pro and per image plans, one social media post means one on each platform such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and one Youtube video with proper acknowledgment i.e. "Provided by Scientudio".

  • In pro, per image and premium plans, the cost will increase if the figure / image / diagram is more complex (> medium) and requires more than 3 hours. In that case, a separate invoice will be sent depending on rate which is 50 $ / hour.

  • For student, pro and per image packages, if client likes to acquire copyrights, an invoice of 200 $ / figure/image /diagram will be sent separately. 

  • A customized package can be outlined if client has specific requirements. To submit request, please click the contact button below.

  • Services to prepare doodle videos (1- 5 min) for presentations are available on request (50 $ / hour). Software like Microsoft paint, PowerPoint animation, ASV editor and Doodle are used by Scientudio for such projects.  

  • Copyright infringement charges: 1000 $ per image

  • Read more about disclaimer policy


Scientudio offers a launching pad to small pharma companies across the globe by providing services in regulatory affairs. There are thousands of start-up / mid-phase pharma companies across the globe, especially Asia, that are looking for affordable potential regulatory services offered in North-America. SciPad is a "DOUBLE DIP" for such companies as it not only provides the services related to the regulatory documentation, but also a platform where companies can market and exhibit their products via electronic campaign channels. 

  • RFPs: Precise and comprehensive RFI (Request for information) and RFP (request for proposal) write up to help the company in securing potential partners (CROs: Contract research organizations; CMOs: Contract manufacturing organizations


  • INDs: Support and consultancy according to the guidelines (ICH, CMC, cGMP, eCFR) for eCTD submissions of IND (research, commercial) applications of radiopharmaceuticals / pharmaceuticals to FDA. 

  • Marketing / Commercialization: Complete market assessment reports for pharmaceuticals, together with effective digital marketing and commercialization campaigns. 

       Read sample RFPs, IND, MCR agreements and sample report here (Also, TI-Internship experience-reference is attached):





For SciPad related questions, schedule a meeting here:

Cancellation Policy

If you wish to cancel the plan, please submit request via contact form by clicking the button below within 24 hours of purchase.