Believe It


Don't Limit Your Challenges .........Challenge Your Limits !!!

Khristine Cariño is a champion and mentor for mothers returning to work after parenting sabbaticals. She draws on her experience of career reinvention and pivoting from over 25 years successively working as a clinical dentist, associate professor, epidemiologist, public health researcher, social entrepreneur, community organizer and educator.

With a PhD in Dental Sciences from Tokyo Medical and Dental University, and international awards from the International Association for Dental Research (IADR) in epidemiology and behavioral sciences, she came to Canada in for a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of British Columbia. However, due to parental demands, Khristine veered off the academic track and became a stay-home mom.

She relaunched her career finding a passion for community organizing. Creating impact, she is Founder and Program Director of East Van Kids, a volunteer-driven grassroots initiative providing free/low cost workshops for children in East Vancouver. Through Empower.Mom, another initiative, Khristine is keen on building a community of women sharing resources and support for mothers who want to transition to a career in tech.