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Scientudio offers a launching pad to the life sciences companies across the globe by providing services in regulatory affairs. There are thousands of start-up / mid-phase life sciences companies across the globe, especially Asia, that are looking for affordable potential regulatory services offered in North-America. SciPad is a "DOUBLE DIP" for such companies as it not only provides the services related to the regulatory documentation, but also a platform where companies can market and exhibit their products via electronic campaign channels. SciPad Packages are: Business Report, Dig. Strategy Report, Consultancy (RFPs), Infomercials, IND Application and Workshops.














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Read sample RFPs, IND, MCR agreements and sample report here (Password protected, only for clients):

To inquire about services, schedule a meeting here:

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Charles Metzger

President of Metzger, Mabry & Associates, LLC

Corporate Partner Strategist for eSRS, 2021

Dr. Antony Gee introduced me to Noeen. He thought (and I agreed) that she could help us develop a plan for gaining corporate partner participation in eSRS 2021—a virtual meeting hosted by the Society of Radio-pharmaceutical Sciences. With Noeen’s help, we queried multiple corporate partners, selected a platform that they valued, and created an attractive prospectus. Noeen’s dedication to this effort and her novel perspectives have proven to be very helpful for the organization. I wish her all the best for her future ventures, and I highly recommend her if you would like to collaborate with her to raise capital for your company. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


William Remak, BPH, MS, MT, SGNA, AHCJ, EASL

Chairman, California Hepatitis C Task Force
Chair, Int. Association of Hepatitis Task Forces

Preceptor for Masters & Doctorate Public Health Internships for Universities, USA

Marketing & Business Strategist, GIANT

Dr. Noeen Malik is highly praised for the splendid creativity involved with the branding of messaging for the worldwide public awareness campaign for the Global Immunization Action Network Team. Her coordinating of a superb team of talented communication and media specialists in design and marketing is inspiring to observe as she orchestrates infographics, animation so detailed that it enlightens and entertains while educating. She is a master at this trade to such a degree that it exceeds the imagination in a delightful way. Something to behold that is ahead of it's time.


Dr Bin Shen

Director at Cyclotron & Radiochemistry Facility (CRF),  Molecular Imaging Program Stanford (MIPS)

Business Strategist for Cyclotron Project, Stanford University

I approached noeen to prepare a market strategic report for theragnostic radioisotopes for our Nextgen Cyclotron project of the Radiology department in Stanford. Her business strategic skills, especially for radiopharmaceuticals, are of great help in structuring the early-phase of our project, including but not limited to market research, geographical demands, financial aspects, consumers' needs, and future scope. Her broad experience from bench to clinic to market is a valuable asset. The quality of her work convinced me to accept the invitation to be a part of Scientudio's advisory board. She would be the part of this project until it's completion. 

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TRIUMF Innovations

Commercialization Internship Program

Commercialization of Medical Isotopes

Dr. Noeen Malik has worked under my supervision as a “Commercialization Intern”. Noeen enthusiastically applied her radiopharmaceutical expertise, analytical  and project management skills, plus her network of professional associates to produce an exemplary presentation summarizing the market opportunity, trends, and production economics of certain medical radioisotopes of interest to TRIUMF Innovations. I wish her all the best in her future career endeavors. 

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