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Dr Noeen Malik
Nuclear Medicine Scientist
(Specialization: Drug Design & Imaging) 

Business Strategist
(Specialization: Theragnostic)

When Life Gives you Lemons, Make Lemonade ...........

This is exactly what I try to do in tough situations, though, it's not easy sometimes, especially, when at first glance, the lemons appear to be bitter and very sour. But if the handler turns their energy to examine each lemon more closely, chances are they will find the better one among them. The next key element of this recipe is to add all ingredients (available resources) in the right proportion. This is the first step in forging a strategic plan by thinking outside the box and paving a new path that ultimately results in the creation of new (project or direction). In the end, the undesirable lemons will have created an opportunity to explore new territory. Not a bad thing, right 🐬?

Many of us don’t like to deal with only lemons, but sometimes we are compelled to move out of our comfort zone and go through a cycle of transformation. It's not a cakewalk — more like a spoon of bitter medicine — yet this tonic is necessary for

washing away unhealthy attachments. My first encounter with lemons was when I was six years old, and it was my first step alone running in life's marathon. At that age I thought, like every race, it might have a finish line, and afterwards, there would be no more lemons. But with every passing year, I realized that it is a continuous process because lemons are an integral part of life - they surgically remove the infected sites. You could say that lemons are gut-wrenching. But, the funniest part is when a person is dealing with lemons, others may ridicule them without realizing that, perhaps, lemons are the only choice that person has at this time.  

In 2019, when I was going through the disruptive process of filing for divorce, I didn’t know that in 2020, another struggle would be surfacing for me in the workplace. Suddenly, things were topsy-turvy, with some friends turned into strangers and some strangers into friends - vilified by the trustworthy and glorified by unknown - like spring and fall at same time. Time seemed to have made me a round peg looking to fit into a square hole - and so I had to choose lemons...🍋. The best part is that I learned some valuable lessons and also met some incredible people on this journey who keep on having faith in my strengths.

Scientudio is a projection of my strength which is creativity. Since my childhood, I have always liked to paint still objects as well as cartoons. However, this passion hibernated for years while I was entangled in the spinning wheel of tough lab work during my PhD. Recently, during the pandemic, lemons brought it to life again and I thought to use my spare time for productive ends. To do this, I posted on Linkedin offering assistance with science illustrations and strategic business consultancy. Some responded back with requests related to both and I was not only able to rekindle my passion for colors and illustrations, but also, to use my experience and knowledge to design the strategic planning.


For digital scientific illustrations, my style is freehand and I use simple Microsoft Paint for this purpose. You can see some of my work on my home page. For strategic business consultancy, through Scientudio, I am offering a launching pad (SciPad​) to the small early-phase pharma companies where clients can get services related to the strategic business reports, market assessment profiles, and documentation (RFPs, INDs).    


In addition, I am also providing a platform (SciFi Kids) to children where they can get an opportunity to host the science shows.  If you're interested or have questions about  services, please contact via contact form or schedule a meeting with me. I'd be happy to discuss further 😊.


Last but not least: not every scar is worth carrying - some indicate battles we've survived and we wear them proudly, others are better left erased and forgotten.


Thanks for reading !! 

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